Thursday, May 13, 2010

twenty one 5: blog candi 5

"Your youngest child's dirty socks" = boyfriend's sock stolen from the dogs! They have this thing about playing with socks and they took this one outside to the yard! Saw it today while laying out in the sun! Crazies.

twenty one 4: blog candi 4

"A Plant" = my poor lily's that I have been trying to grow since last fall. Poor thing.

twenty one 3: blog candi 3

"Something you ate today" = STRAWBERRY MOCHI ICE CREAM..YUMMMMM

twenty one 2: blog candi 2

"Something Round" Snoopy frisbee for the doggies...they're still trying to understand the concept. Just noticed Kilala's little paw in the corner :)

twenty one: for blog candi

I follow several blogs to get inspiration and Pieces of Me has reached a milestone of 250K hits which is awesome! She's giving away some blog candi and alls you have to do is take a specific photo that she mentioned and link it up. Here's my first entry, "something pink", which is this funky mouse stuffed animal pillow thingy my mom gave one Christmas.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

twenty: paper flowers

I was gonna use my ATG for the first time yesterday but ended up attempting to make paper flowers. I have no patience when it comes to drying of the glue so the first few dried crooked when I left them overnight. The last blue one I gave it all my patience and it dried straight :)

First to last, top to bottom

First flower

Last flower perfected :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

nineteen: atg!

I received an ATG 714 gun today, YAY! Hehe, I actually hinted to the boy for a mother's day present. No, I don't have kids, but I do have three dogs which is just the same :) I can't wait to paint it pink!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

eighteen 6: critter-licious

Of course I'm using Create A Critter. I thought this was such a cute card, turned out great! This is for Challenge #12.

I am retiring for the day! It's late! 6 challenges after a late start, not bad I must say. We will see if I have time to take on a few more challenges tomorrow before I leave for Chicago...haven't finished packing though :/ oops!

Create A Critter cartridge
Core'dinations paper
DCWV paper
White gelly roll pen

eighteen 5: may day

I miss May Day :( Those were the days we used to dance hula and play games and watch the islands' king and queens. The good ol' days. Challenge #10 was definitely a trip down memory lane, oh Hawaii Nei. (sorry for the was already night time by the time I was done!)

Forever Young cartridge
Design Studio
Glitter glue

eighteen 4: i like you the least

Challenge #4 complete! One of the first cartridges I ever bought was Paper Pups. I have 3 dogs and I just thought it was the cutest cartridge ever! I still think it's cute but I have never used it, till today! I will definitely get more use when I get back into scrapbooking. Till we meet again Paper Pups.

eighteen 3: thinking outside the box

Challenge #3 Thinking Outside the Box. Man that was a hard one to think of! Because of the whole purchasing of the house thing seems to be going in the crapper, my boyfriend is feeling really depressed. I decided to make him a huge card to tell him not to worry. As if thinking outside the box wasn't hard enough, oh the problems! Printing the picture (I still can't figure out my printer) and then somehow my black stamp pad got opened and smeared on my project and the carpet! Not to mention Kitsune stepping on the photo itself. Thinking outside the box, I let it slide and I didn't let the little things bug me. I would've definitely printed another photo and redone the entire card.

eighteen 2: getting scrappy

Challenge #2 "Getting Scrappy" complete! I was stalled for awhile because the Census guy came a knockin'! Oops. I filled out the form but forgot to mail it in! Anywho...Using scraps was easy for me cuz I always use scraps...well I try to (somehow the scrap draw has been growing.) I just bought this dollar stamp and new exactly how I would create my card.

I dirtied him up with the ink pad so he could bathe in the pond :) I also tried this glossy accents product to make the water actually look wet.

eighteen: national scrapbooking day!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day! I thought I wouldn't have much time to join in on the fun because I had to pack. Unfortunately there is a delay on the closing of the house. Fortunately I get to scrap today! I'm off to a late start due this house situation but here is my first entry for The Pink Stamper's Challenge #1 "Mother Dear, I Love You So".

I got this idea from ScrapGuy. I loved it so much and thought it was perfect for my mommy. Thanks ScrapGuy!