Wednesday, August 17, 2011

procrastination is in my blood

We have a surprise baby shower for my coworker tonight...after a 2 hour meeting. I hope I get home at a decent time! Anyway, I knew about it a week ago but yet I waited till the night before to pull something together. At first I wanted to make a scrapbook like I did my other coworker a few months ago. But they didn't have the cute Heidi Swaps book :( So I thought and thought and thought maybe one of those altered frames. Here's how it came out:

It was my first time etching. Photos were difficult to take but it's his middle name, Christopher. I only hope that it's not spelt a crazy way or I'm screwed. And yes, the baby shower is more like a welcome shower since she unexpectedly had it last Friday. Here is a quick card to go with it. Not my best but it was 12 midnight and I was kinda done :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I made an interactive card for my neighbor last year. He was soo amazed with it. But he was also drunk...But nonetheless. So this year I had to make a cool card again :) I tried out the spinner card. It's pretty fun!

Plantin School Book cartridge
2 pennies
Martha Steward markers

I'm baack!

I'm finally back in blog world! It's been a whirlwind with wedding planning and the wedding itself. I will have to upload projects I have made here and there but for now this is The Pink Stamper's entry to My Pinkalicious Blog Hop. The challenge is my style. Create a Critter is my favorite cartridge, definitely my go-to. I love using my I-Rock and I just had to try my new toy, Sew Easy because I love to sew and this combines my two loves, paper and sewing :)

Create A Critter
Sew Easy
The Pink Stamper Simply Sweet Occasions