Monday, October 18, 2010

is today my birthday or what?!?

I got home from work and found not one, not two, but THREE packages!

The first was from Cricut Diaries. I won an I-ROCK from the Think Pink Blog Hop! Sooo excited to use it!

Second package was from Heidi from Got Scraps from the Peachy Keen Stamps Blog hop. She was soo sweet to add a few other items because she sent it to me late because she had car problems! She is way too sweet and it was so unnecessary but soo kind of her.

And last but definitely not long awaited...PINK CRICUT!!! It's here, it's finally here! Not only that, it came with the Pink cartridge!! I originally bought my Pink Cricut off Ebay. The lady who purchased it only wanted it for the cartridge. I just wanted the Pink Cricut, cuz hello, I have no idea where I was when they released that! But Provo Craft actually gave me a brand new Pink Cricut with the extra cartridges! Perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness month too. Probably the best thing of all is that I have my cricut and it cuts beautifully! No more crazy cuts that don't connect :) Oh I am in heaven. I'm even skipping my tv shows tonight (recording them of course) just so I can play. Oh how I've missed her.

And I'm back in the game!

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