Tuesday, September 13, 2011

baby olivia

A last minute trip to meet up with one of my best friends in Vegas! As you know, hotels there are ridiculous. Luckily a friend let us crash at their place. Totally forgot they were expecting! With Thursday's record blackout, I luckily had Friday off to complete a little gift for their baby Olivia.

Here is an altered frame as I did with Brock's frame. Since they haven't decided on her middle name, I etched "baby" instead. I totally forgot to photograph this before I gave it to them so I snuck and took these horrible photos. Honestly I think it embarrassing to say "can I take a photo of this gift so I can blog about it?" Hehe.

A little personalized onesie with a princess crown on top :) And guess what, she's using it as her coming home from the hospital outfit! I feel so special.


  1. Very cute!! I have been wanting to do a name frame... so darling! Love the onesies too!! Sweet!!! Have a blessed week! Aloha, Jen

  2. Wow Stefeni, these hand-made items are terrific!
    Truly a nice gift.
    So precious!

  3. Aloha and thank you for playing along with my BCB Giveaway! Unfortunately, you did not win, but check out my blog this week, for another BCB Giveaway!!! Much Hugs n' Blessings... Jen

  4. Hey Steph, how you doing, girlie?? Miss seeing your creations. Anyways... are you in a crafty slum or just not taking pics? Are you on facebook? Are we friends on there? If not, come find and add me, would love to be friends on FB too!! Blessings to U!!! Aloha, Jen