Monday, September 13, 2010

blogger award!

I came home with great news that I didn't need a crown for this sensitive tooth like I had thought (though now we don't know what's wrong with the tooth but at least I get to keep my $1500 and spend it on something I want to spend it on!)

Then I hopped on to my blog to see another follower, following my blog, which was super exciting. Two new followers in 2 days :) AND THEN I find out that my new follower has given me an award! Thank you so much Beth! I am so honored! Really!

My most favorite papercraft project I have ever made is... a little scrapbook of my first dog. Kilala is the first dog we ever bought and she always holds a special place in our hearts. I started working on her baby book probably when I was living in Colorado which is a looong time ago. (Thinking back, I know it was back then because I hand cut each letter that I printed off at the computer lab of Kilala's name!) When I first got my cricut 3 years ago in LA, I started working on it some more. It's only a 10 page or so 5x7 book but I have FINALLY completed it last month, I get side tracked a lot :/ I love that book so much and it's often the book I look at the most :)

I like to craft because... More like I LOVE to craft because I just do! I am so grateful for my wonderful hands and all they do. If they aren't doing something they are bored. Paper crafting is always my go to craft but I have ventured everywhere from knitting to crocheting to jewelry making get the idea. I love learning new crafts and I just love being busy with them. It makes me happy.

Please visit Beth's blog post to learn more about this awesome award. What a great way to start off a new week!

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